Testimonials From Our Clients

To Fellow Automobile Enthusiast:

“I am writing to endorse the Body-Skins Paint Protection System to my fellow “Fine Automobile” owners.”

“My Bentley Continental GT has had the Body-Skins product on the front of the car for over one year with no chips from salt, stones or gravel. I’m able to drive the car with confidence, knowing that if I did not have protection from the Body-Skins I would be in danger of getting a chip from flying debris from the car ahead, etc. I’m sure this clear protection has saved my car numerous times, not even realizing I was being hit. You do not see this paint protection film, as I have often needed to point its existence out to those looking at the car.”

“Richard Anstadt has provided me with outstanding service, and I can highy recommend looking into his Body-Skins services.”

Thomas C. Furst

“I have had a Clear Bra on both my cars for over 2 years and couldn’t be more pleased. First they are practically invisible and most people don’t even realize they are on until I mention it. You don’t have to worry about them being ripped off by the wind or carwashes. By not having to Drill mounting bracket holes in the hood you don’t have to worry about rust. Clear Bra’s make bug removal a whole lot easier after a long trip.”

 Jim T

“Body-Skins was the first call I made after driving off the lot with my new Infinity G35. This is my second car using this product and I would never own another car without it. Living in the city and doing a good amount of highway driving had me wanting to protect certain areas of my car. Rick was able to custom fit additional areas that were not covered by the standard kit and his attention to detail is unsurpassed.”

Molly Murray

“After buying a new Lexus GX470 I decided to purchase a paint protection film for the front end. I’m not normally a car-bra type of person so I did extensive research on the internet and talked to many higher end dealers, installers and film manufacturers. I learned the film type is important, but the quality of the install will make or break the end result. After seemingly hours of patiently answering my questions on the phone I asked Rick at Body-Skins to install the film on my truck. Rick was extremely professional and took the time to perform what I would consider to be a very high quality install. He takes pride in what he does and it is very obvious when you see the finished result. I have to point the film out to people who look at my truck because it is that hard to detect. I was lucky to select the right person to install the product and his work exceeded my expectations. The mobile service he offers is a big benefit and convenience. I have highly recommended Rick to everyone I know who is looking for paint protection film!”

Marc P.

“I’ve owned over 17 cars throughout the years, among them a couple of Supra turbos, Nissan 300ZX Turbo, and now a Viper SRT-10. I wish they would have invented this product years ago because it would have saved me thousands in repainted front ends. I’ve had this product on my Lexus LX470 SUV for 3 years and it has performed flawlessly. I just bought a new Viper SRT-10 and when I noticed how easily it nicked, I parked it until I could have the shield installed. The product is only as good as the installer, and I don’t know anyone who can do the work better than Rick. This is a life long commitment..every car I own will have a shield.”

Hans Stiehl

“Thank you very much for the work that you did – my truck still looks GREAT! After months of use, I’m writing to express my deepest thanks to Richard Anstadt and his expert installation of the clear bra on my Black 2007 Jeep Liberty. My truck has endured, cold weather, snow, extreme heat, numerous car washes and the bra still looks like the day that Rick installed it. Rick went out of his way to custom cut and install film on parts of my Jeep that were not part of the kit (such as the front of the rear fenders and a strip the length of the top of the windshield). Rick’s work speaks for itself and says alot about his professionalism. “

Iris Rivera

“This is my third car to have Body-Skins applied on. Buy a new car and not have it done is saying the front end will be trashed in a short time. Should I buy another new car the first thing I will do is call Rick to keep the car’s front end in the best shape possible.”

Don Nelson

“When I first spoke with Rick from Body-Skins I could tell immediately that he knew his business and was passionate about his professional services. He treats your prized possession as if it’s his own, and is clearly concerned with his customer and their complete satisfaction. With everyone being a so-called expert these days with minimal PPF experience, I chose to work with Rick and his close to 20 years in this business. I wouldn’t trust my baby to anyone else. My GT350 has one of the most complex bumpers around and he glided the material in and around it like magic. He is a true artist. If you want the best in the business working on your car, there is only one guy to call. Rick Anstadt.”

Keith Youngquist